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Physician Contract Group Management Services

MD Staff Recruits Physician Staff and Manages Physician Services

Hospital Administration should be focused on managing the hospital as a whole.  Often times they do not have the time or the human resources required to staff each physician department within the hospital.

This is where MD Staff can help.  One of our founding partners, Dr. Andrew Oleksyn, staffs and manages Emergency Medicine Physicians, as well as Hospitalist Physicians, Critical Care Physicians, and Urgent Care Physicians in hospitals in the Mid Western area of the United States.  His experience combined with Kim Daugherty, our second founder's experience recruiting and managing a staffing firm, has led to MD Staff's model of providing physician staffing, and management expertise and services from locum tenens, and permanent staffing, to consulting and contract group management services.

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Let us help your organization reach its medical staffing and department management goals.  Contact us and we will follow up with a conversation, then a face-to-face meeting to tour your facility, and learn more about what we can do for you.